Beimer: a professional and flexible partner

Commitment and a rapid response to market developments.

Beimer Meat BV was established on April 27, 1957. Initially, starting with the slaughter of cattle in Enschede. Nowadays the location is specifically set up to produce beef and has a processing capacity of 900 tons per week. The controlled constant supply of raw materials is supplied by selected and certified suppliers. More than 140 employees work at the current production site. The beef is distributed by our own fleet to national and international customers. 

Our cold store with shock tunnel allows us to deliver various products directly from stock. Our market extends from Sweden to Spain and from Ireland to Russia and beyond. We produce our beef in a block-ready cuts, both semi-pare and PAD. Through our sister company Beimer Specials we also produce beef in steak-portion pack. They also produce sous vide and ground products in consumer and wholesale packaging.

Flat structure

Our company is characterized by a flat organizational structure that guarantees personal contact, a high degree of involvement and a quick response to changing market developments. Beimer Meat B.V. aims to become a professional, flexible partner and to develop further as such.